Day 10 – Book of Kells, Emigration Museum

It’s a small but mighty thing. The Book of Kells is a priceless treasure housed in the Old Library of Trinity College. This hand-lettered and illuminated manuscript contains the four gospels of the New Testament and is believed to date from 800 AD.

The exhibition has enlarged copies of individual pages on the walls so that everyone can see and marvel. It’s a thing of beauty and is the work of at least three different scribes. And nobody anywhere has ever seen anything like the Old Library.

Then off to EPIC, the Emigration Museum. Fascinating how this country, which has lost so many to emigration due to poverty, war, deportation, and turmoil, is so proud of its emigrants and how they and their descendants have changed the world. For example, 23 US presidents can trace their ancestry back to Ireland.

Some time for shopping, and more Big Bus time, and we were ready to gather at the Fourth Corner near our hotel for a farewell dinner.

Book of Kells

Emigration Museum

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