DAY 3 – Belfast – Titanic Museum, Arrive at Inch House, Inch cemetery

Everyone told us we MUST visit the Titanic Museum, and so we did and happily so. Much to learn about the building of the Titanic and ship-building in general in this impressive structure. There’s even a ride!

Titanic Museum

A long, flinch-inducing ride (212 miles) brought us to Inch House near Tipperary, our lodgings for the week. What a place! Dating back to the 1700s, Inch House is a working farm. With spectacular views, comfortable bedrooms and en suite bathrooms for all, it was a dream come true for weary travelers. The first night established our routine of gathering in the evenings in the drawing room for cocktails and chats.

Inch House

Inch cemetery just a short walk from the Inch House located next to a mound which was once a fort made of wood that predates the castles in the area! The tombstones date back several centuries.

Inch cemetery

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